Bringing Sound to Life: The Musical Mastery of Joseph Metcalfe

Elevating the emotional impact, creating atmosphere, and driving the narrative of visual storytelling.


Cinematic Symphonies: Crafting Moving Scores for Motion Pictures

Transforming Visuals into Emotional Experiences through Music.


The music of The King's Daughter is a unique blend of classical, period, and fantastical music elements, creating a beautiful and enchanting soundscape.

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Conducting orchestras, Joseph guides the ensemble through precise and fluid gestures, creating a unified and cohesive performance.

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The World Soundtrack Awards is an annual event that celebrates the best in film music and recognizes the talented composers and musicians who create the soundtracks that enhance the cinematic experience. Joseph won the award in 2022 along with 3 additional nominations at the HMMAs and Movie Music UK Awards.

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Bring Your Vision to Life with a Memorable and Powerful Soundtrack

Don't settle. Elevate your project to the highest level with a custom score from a proven, international award winning talent. Bring your story to life with emotional impact from the music of Joseph Metcalfe. Let's collaborate to create a memorable and powerful soundtrack that will captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.


Meet Joseph Metcalfe

Joseph was born and raised in Southern England and, having taught himself the piano from the age of 4, began composing music in his early childhood. It was while watching the movie, Amadeus, that he realized that his calling in life was to write music for the screen. In his young 20's he was invited to Los Angeles and mentored by some of Hollywood’s greatest composers including Jerry Goldsmith and Elmer Bernstein. His career took him around the world, including working in Europe where he founded the modern day Budapest film scoring orchestra in 2000. 
He has written for shows on Netflix, Amazon as well as composed for Disney Imagineering, D23 and the EPCOT center's relaunch.

Acclaimed film music critic, Jonathan Broxton, describes Joseph Metcalfe's music as, "charming and infused with magic!”


"I know you went above and beyond for this project – and the whole world got to witness your amazing work!

Appreciate our ongoing partnership with more to follow!"


Bernice Howes
Producer, Walt Disney Imagineering

"The Music sounds really good.  You knocked it out of the Park.

Great work!  Genius!!"


Sean McNamara
Director, The King's Daughter


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